Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hello there! If you have somehow found yourself on this page and were expecting a bigger opening, I apologize. In my head a circus is appearing before you...but I have no idea what is appearing in your head.

The Bus Stop has been a vision of mine forever...not exactly a blog..more like a British club where I spin awesome music and we watch French films together over whiskey. I know I know....snap out of will still fun.

So go with me and Esther (my lovely lady of a laptop) on this escapade of random shizz. Pop culture, music, books, the black box..... There will also be guest posts so if you are interested in contributing to the blog..HOLLA.


Am xoxo


  1. I assume this Esther is different from the one who needs help moving her couch.

  2. No, they the same. Both Esther's live upstairs..and by upstairs pointing to brain.