Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Bread Balls To All~

In the true spirit of the holidays I wanted to take a minute and share one of my favorite childhood recipes known affectionately as "Bread Balls".
Now allow me introduce/or reacquaint you with “Bread Balls”.  I understand that a lot of you think you know what bread balls are or you may have heard of them. I know there is a lot of talk on the internet with recipes and such. However, I don’t think these are the bread balls you think you know (unless you are related to me..then CHAAAAA you know..who the hell am I to question YOU).

From my understanding this recipe was passed down in my family for many generations and finally it was my parent’s time to teach us about bread balls. Now bread has always been huge in our house and a sign of wealth. Now, that may seem funny to some folks but they don’t call dough “money “ for nothing. Oooookkkkk.

Anyway, I remember being about 5 and my brother 6 when my mom (Pinky..seriously..can't make this shizz up) laid out the logistics of bread balls (this was around the same time that we were told snack/meal time was up to us). I will demonstrate to you in the pictures below. Now, my brother always being somewhat fussy in nature never came to love crust the way some of us did and was always determined to cut it right off. So, I want to add in right now that you can do this * crust-less or *crust-included. *Actual terms when referring to the crust that lines bread. I also want to point out at this time that you can use any kind of bread you want but our liking was always for white Wonder bread. (I know I mas the Wonder…go on a mission for a substitute and stat. R.I.P Wonder).

We always made sure to get a good pile going, because my lovely's presentation is half the battle and it’s called “Bread Balls” not “Bread Ball”. Once you have a nice plate full. Dig in, share a conversation with a loved one or complete stranger and finish with your favourite drink (or water if that is all you got, but your gonna need a bev for this). I paired my gorgeous plate of bread balls with an 09' PBR.
If you are feeling frisky because you just got paid get crazy and add some sugar on top or sprinkles with butter. Really, this dish is about YOU, the enjoyer of bread balls.

 STEP 1- You are going to need bread for "Bread Balls" (if you are just joining us here at paragraph 5)
STEP 2 - Put said bread on plate.
STEP 3 - Take said bread in hand and make a fist. You can make bread as mashed as you want at this point and roll. Also a good time to make a decision about crust.

 STEP 4 - Add said now "Bread Balls" to plate and get a pile going, depending on level of hunger of course.
STEP 5 (and the final step..unless you want to make more then continue as instructed above).


  1. I used to do something similar with wonder bread and american cheese sandwiches. I would squish the two pieces of bread together as thin as possible so they became doughy before I would eat any. oh, cheap white bread. so delicious!

  2. I was sorta waiting for something else to happen. I'm gonna finish my beer now.

  3. As a kid the bread balls were a fabulous treat!!! As an "ADULT" (and I use that term loosely ) the bread balls are used often (and by often I mean a few times a week) to soak up the booze that has been consumed before we pass out at night!

  4. How much milk is needed to choke down a plate of bread balls?