Friday, November 23, 2012

And If We Get Together Don't Let The Pictures Leave Your Phone

In the spirit of full disclosure let me just say that I wanted my first official post to be something really meaningful like an exposé on spreading world peace or how YouTube literally changed my life but the truth is I was listening to One Direction’s (1D) “Take Me Home” and I got inspired. With 1D’s sophomore record hot off the presses I am having a hard time concentrating on anything else.

First things first, if you know nothing about 1D…errr….*cough* *cough* how is that possible?

Any--Ways, if you know nothing, please spend a good 20 minutes on Google. Or maybe you are familiar with 1D’s previous hits such as “What Makes You Beautiful”, “One Thing” and my favorite “More Than This”.  So, before some of you start rolling your eyes and talking shizz…THEY ARE ALL LEGAL AND BY LEGAL I MEAN OVER 18 AND FOREIGN. Let me just say that aside from these guys being total cutie pie’s they are also talented. I mean, they sing, they play instruments… they …dance. They….somewhat dance..and if that fails to draw you in they are English/Irish. In my experience sometime’s that’s all it takes.

Take Me Home is an ambitious 17 tracks.

Starting out strong with the already classic “Live While We’re Young”. This song is extremely catchy and let’s be honest we all want to live while we’re young. BONUS – awesome video. See HERE.

Some of my favorite scenes include: Sofa in tent sleeping, Green hoodie Liam, Niall jumping up all cute, Harry riding a banana (seriously…was that improv..genius), Louis dressed like a weird uncle, Zayne’s singing..seriously boy can SING, and of course the 1D choreographed dance blip.

Live While We’re Young sets the mood for several dancey/true 1D songs like “Kiss Me” “C’mon C’mon” , “Back For You” “She’s Not Afraid” and “Still The One”. Now, listen closely to the lyrics on some of these gems..not sure who is writing them but I am guessing there is a team of 30/40 year old men involved. I picture this board room full of these dudes brainstorming what teen girls want.

WEIRD ALERT – “Little Things”…First things first, SEE HERE for video.

Black and white loveliness. I watched the vid and was like..wait…what are they saying? Then came a fit of nervous laughter..followed by an SOS text to MER who decided it must have been written by a 35 year old weird uncle.  I wish I could have been there when they recorded this..or when they had the convo to decide to make a video..It’s just bad but it’s the bad you can’t stop listening to. Side Note- Harry’s voice is changing…just sayin..
Note – “I Would” and “Over Again” also has a flair for entertaining lyrics. ;)

In true Direction fashion they are also a number of slow jams.

My favorite’s are:

“Rock Me” –  Starts out with…..“do you remember summer 09”. ;) Yes, yes, I do.

“Back For You” – totally an “I’m with the band” song. I think it’s safe to say we have all lived this song.

“Summer Love” – No explanation needed.

“Loved You First” – My inner stalker sways…

At the end of the day I don’t love “Take Me Home” as much as ID’s debut but I am still committed to this relationship and can’t wait to see where it next takes us.

What do you all think? And by all I mean the 3 people who are reading this. 

Cheers, Am xoxox

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