Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dabbling in Public Service

Nothing says the holidays are here better than a DVR full of sappy, crappy holiday movies.

If you are like me one of your favourite things about the holidays is the amount of cheese you can get sucked into right from the comfort of your house and sweats. I’m talking about the movies that come courtesy of the two leading movie networks, Lifetime and Hallmark.

You might remember from my obsessive 2 am posts last year that my heart fell for “The Christmas Table”. It was pure magic. Winnie Cooper playing a teenager THEN playing a 20 year old falling in love with this young dude (real 20 year old) from 90210 (the new one...or latest one… whatever… it’s not important). Anyway, they fall in love at Marty McFly’s mom’s house and it is just beautiful. You gotta watch this.

Another one of my favourites was “Christmas with Holly”. A story about a little girl whose mom passes away and she goes in lives with her uncles on Friday Harbor (which is just close enough to here to make it seem like I am there).  I watched this all the way into January, I mean long hair Sean Faris. Our romance faded as each month passed but I am more than willing to get together for the holiday season (amiright?). Anyway, it’s highly recommended.

Some golden oldies from Christmas pasts:

-          The Christmas Shoes – 2002 (When I say Rob, you say Lowe…ROB…)

-          Flirting with Forty – 2008 (Don’t judge me..)

-          The Christmas Card – 2006 (think Zac Efron movie where he finds the picture and then hunts lady down except this is a card and it’s not Zac Efron)

-          Home by Christmas (For when you are really depressed by the this one…EMERGENCIES ONLY...)

I can’t wait to see what the little elves at Lifetime and Hallmark bring this season.



Amber xoxo



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