Saturday, January 19, 2013

When I say Pen You say Pal! PEEEEENNNNN

Happy Saturday everyone!!
The Bus Stop is built on this idea that you can write something and send it off into the Universe and it becomes a little love letter for whoever receives it. Pretty awesome, right?
You know that feeling you got when you were a little kid and you received a letter in the mail? Maybe Grandma was sending you a dollar in quarters with a cute little card or you had a friend that lived somewhere else that would write to you. That feeling you got that someone actually took the time to sit down and write you. Bliss!
Then you got older and you discovered the Internet and smart phones and probably didn't even have a pad of paper in your house. Sometimes you would be cleaning out old drawers and come across a perfect little worn envelope that would stop you in your tracks. Before you knew it your body was covered in every letter you ever stashed, cos I mean, who throws away letters. NO ONE that is who. It's not like deleting an email. It's like throwing away a letter is throwing away a personal connection. And I love email and all that gobbly goop as much as the next person, I love how instant it is and how constant it can be. But it's not as lovely as having a rough day and coming home to find something other than junk in your mail box. Pretty stationary, and handwriting all it's own. It's just effin lovely.
Well, here is a little secret, you can still have that. You can still buy paper at stores and the pens, OMG the pens they make in every colour your head could ever dream up. You can still get peace from sitting in a quiet room and writing a letter to someone. It's therapeutic and warm. Aside from the happiness it will bring you, imagine what it will bring to the person receiving the letter.
* Side note - you can send an anonymous letter ( you know in a non creepy way, more in a pay it forward way) as well. No return address needed in the U.S.
Below is a list of great sites for kids and adults.
For kids (these are safe sites, but please look over for yourself)



Pen Pals

Nerdfighter Pen Pal Group on Facebook. This group is all about ending world suck and not forgetting to be awesome. :) This group is rad because you can sign up for a pen pal your age, even from another country. Or sign up to swap postcards. :) An organization that coordinates a community of "love letter writers" with a mission to deliver love letters to those in need of a positive word or encouragement.

 Letter writing is a HUGE part of my life and brings me so much happiness. I hope it brings you some too.
Amber xoxoxo

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