Friday, December 21, 2012

The Musings of a Small Town Paper~

A while back “Little Buddy (LB)” and I decided that we would make a game of finding fantastic news stories. We would amuse ourselves with our own commentary and add ins. We didn’t have to look too far to see we had a goldmine in front of us. LB in all her glory is a subscriber to the Walla Walla Union Bulletin (UB) (see online here  In this loveliness of a goldmine there is a section called “Emergency Services” which is just entertaining as hell. Over the past few months LB and I have trolled and loved this section. You will too once you have a taste.  Now upon reading these you will wonder if: 1. If someone at the UB has too much time on their hands or 2. Has a sense of humor perfect for two giggly gals.
For example. PURE GOLD!

Or this one. I mean we all love hot cheetos

These are just examples of the brilliance of UB writer Luke Hedgall (whoever you are, you have secured a place in our hearts and if you hear of our love for you, we would love to buy you a beer). If you find yourself trolling the UB site and you find a golden nugget of glory please share in the comments below.

Am xoxox

Disclaimer: It's humor people. All good fun.
P.S. All public posts as they appeared in the UB - the UB did not write the notes - I repeat the UB did write the posts but not the notes.

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